As a result of the fact that Erkur Makine can make all its investments with its own resources, Erkur Makine has become one of the leading companies in the sector since its establishment. It develops its production by closely following the constantly advancing and developing technology and follows a current production technology.

Our company provides services on monorail-single rail conveyor solutions and production of conveyor chains. Our products; It is geared towards processing lines, transportation lines, assembly and painting lines and every process related to production.

Along with quality, efficiency is also important for our company. Erkur Makine strives to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by delivering its products in the desired quality and on time.



  • Overhead Conveyor Systems
  • Chip Conveyor Systems
  • Belt Conveyor Systems
  • Silo Conveyor Systems
  • Carrier and Conveyor Chains
  • Non-standard chains, which are designed to your specific needs, according to the delivered technical drawings or your requirements